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Welcome to the site of the Residence of the
Château de Gudanes.
Luxury holiday apartments for rent in the oubuildings of the Chateau de Gudanes in the heart of the Ariège Pyrenees.
  • All apartments oriented towards the south with superb views.
  • Numerous sporting and outside activities on your doorstep.
  • Private and secluded park ,centenary trees.
  • 7 downhill ski resorts at within 40 mins.
  • Many Cathar castles and caves at proximity.
  • Thermal stations of Ax les Thermes and Ussat les Bains at 15 mins.
  • Close proximity to shops, bars and train station (Paris - Barcelona).
  • Easy access from the international airports of Toulouse (1hr 15), Carcassonne(1hr 15), and Barcelona (2hr 30).
A rare and unusual situation.

© Château de Gudanes - Charles Gault 'Syndic bénévole' - 2001-2015

location vacances particulier à particulier.

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